OT-doors - One-wing Sliding doors

EMV sliding doors are supplied one- or two-winged or telescopic, for manual or automatic operation, for location in a recess or in front of the walls, with self-supporting design.

Both frames and door panels are made of stainless steel. The clear heights and widths can be adapted to the requirements. With the automatic version – sliding doors operating in front of the wall – all electric and mechanic parts are integrated within the door element.

A sealing and safety profile on the closing edge guarantees draught-free sealing and immediate reopening should an obstacle be encountered. Available as operating element: foot switch, elbow switch, wall hit switch, electric pull switch and surface switch. Drive and control for the automatic EMV sliding doors are highly dependable and safe. The powerful drive permits an opening speed of max. 25 cm/s.

The electronic control, designed fort he connection of all known controlling
organs, enables the following modes: fully opened, partly opened (for personnel), permanently opened and quick reverse.

The automatic door control is designed for 1x 220 V, 50 Hz, and has a power requirement of 0.12 kW. A potential balancing pin is part of the standard equipment.